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Ryan O'Connor


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Ryan O'Connor

Ryan is an experienced agent with a wide variety of knowledge in the real estate world. Graduating with his Bachelor's in Architecture from the University of Hartford and then with his Master's Degree in Architecture from Southern Illinois University, Ryan has been able to combine his passion for architecture with properties. Growing up on the North Shore and now living in the Merrimack Valley, Ryan is highly knowledgeable in the area.

Ryan has worked in both residential and commercial design, in addition to performing major home renovations. First-time home buyers or sellers will be guided to make the decision that is best for them with the guidance of Ryan showing them possible improvements that could increase equity in their property.

In addition to Ryan's real estate and design career, he is also the owner of the Tavern on High in North Andover, where you can see one of his passionate architecture designs (while enjoying some fantastic wine).

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